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Ubiquitous Augmented Reality Kitchen

Optimization for AR information presentation


With the emerging technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and Ubiquitous Computing it will be possible to measure and present any information everywhere in a room (Ubiquitous Augmented Reality, UAR). The location of presentation and the incorporated information are essential for the desired reaction of the user. The user has to respond to variable presentation distances and perspectives as well as new forms of displaying. However there is almost no research about an appropriate adaptation of UAR technologies to 3D perception principles and only a few reasonable application-oriented approaches for UAR.

Therefore the feasibility of these 3D perception guidelines will be evaluated in a Smart Home scenario (Smart Kitchen) for the optimal visualization of information. The results will be summarized in a system model for stationary AR display technologies which prescinds from the application area.



Dr.-Ing. Anne Wegerich


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