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The EyesTea was initiated fist in February 1998 by employees from the Center for Human-Machine-Systems (ZMMS). It aims to discuss areas of application and occurrent problems related to Eyetracking together with researchers and system developers. 

The Chair of Human-Machine Systems, under the direction of Prof. Rötting, together with the ZMMS is going to reflate this event again.

It addresses people from research institutes and universities from Germany as well as representatives of assembling companies. This diversity of participants provides a variety of thematic foci to be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere with tea (or coffee) and pastries.

The EyesTea is open to everyone feeling interested in, so when you are curious about Eyetracking, you are invited to join us. EyesTea takes place at about 5 Thursdays per year at Marchstraße 23 in 10587 Berlin.

For questions regarding organization of EyesTea please contact Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Mario Lasch.

From 2002 to 2005 Prof. Rötting initiated an EyesTea in Boston (USA) as well (www.eyes-tea.net).


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