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Augmented / Mixed Reality


Augmented and mixed realities are trendsetting technology interactions. With the help of those realities, it is possible to combine and display virtual and real information within the same visual gaze at the same time. A lot of applications lay their focus on mobile, head- mounted display technologies and special fields of applications that cannot be implemented so far because of the missing application opportunities. At this point, the technology is rather user- unfriendly because of its weight, movement restrictions, and gaze restrictions.

Besides exploring technical implementations, the department also examines what kind of representation options are suitable for the different areas of application. Because of the amount of information available for certain applications, it is indispensable to use the new and different display alternatives in an economical manner. In order to avoid information overload, a suitable and user- customized selection of information needs to be made. Moreover, the used technologies cannot constrain and/or overburden the user.

The goal is to implement digital information into the real world where the implementation is beneficial for the user and the cost is justifiable.

In order to gain insight into the optimal presentation of visual information, we conduct experiments to examine the 3-D perception and information processing of humans. The results of the experiments are transferred to different areas of application outside the laboratories.


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Shared-Vision System (Project B4 in SFB/TR29)


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