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Conception of Avatar models for the acting instructions of users

Principal: M.Sc. Ulrike Schmuntzsch TR29

Supervisor: Dipl.Ing.(FH) Martina Kürbitz

Project within the scope of the lecture Systemtechnik (SoSem 2011)


By order of the fields of research Transregio 29 from the TU Berlin, dealing with the dynamic interaction of non-cash benefits and services in production, it was the main task to plan and design different kinds of Avatar models and to analyze and evaluate these on the criteria of emotions and aesthetics. Avatars are seen as animated agents and/or virtual consultant who are performing and providing valuable hints for the users.

In addition to the technical realization of three different avatar models, the evaluation of these models by test person valuations is another key area on this project. The collection of necessary data is on the one hand coordinated by a SAM-questionnaire, which collects emotions, moods and arousals of the test persons. On the other hand an AttrakDiff-questionnaire accumulates all information about aesthetic aspects.

The result of zhese questionnaries is the empiric certification of thepostulated hypothesis that the subjective rated attraction of the screw-spanner is higher than the attraction of the human and also of the cube.

These results  can be explained by the empirically verified effect which is called "uncanny valley". This effect exemplifies the phenomenon that the emotional evaluation of the avatar depends on the extent of manlike. However the positive perception of the avatar does not increase linearly and has a strong slump beyond a certain point.

Project team

Garip Cihan Göz, Stefan Groß, Enrico Hölbing, Robert Kasprowicz, Benedikt Philipp Lecheler, Robert Meier zu Ummeln, Jin Qu, Anna Silberstein, Patrick Upmeier, Fei Yan

Project manager

Carina Kuhr und Daniela Klatt

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